Decision Made : Rhodes on the Road Again

Decision Made

by Jeane Rhodes on 03/14/20

As you likely expect, we will not be traveling to Italy in two weeks as planned. We made the decision last Sunday, before it would have been made for us with the travel ban. We are "sheltering in place," even limiting movement about in our own community. As the coronavirus impacts everyone around the world, our own sadness in being unable to travel to Italy now seems a very small concern. Our hearts go out to all those in Italy and around the world who are struggling with the pandemic itself, as well as the social and financial impacts.

What we did do to process this new reality for ourselves was have a "burning ceremony" in which we burned all of the travel documents we had prepared, flight reservations, hotel rooms, tour details, etc. As we put each piece in the fire, we imagined living through the trip, completing those well-laid plans, even including some trip "complications," which past experience has taught us always come with the reality. It was sad, but also inspiring, as we found ourselves planning the "next" trip.

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