Special Training:
         Neurolinguistic Programming
         Transactional Analysis
         Sacred Psychology (Jean Houston)
         Journaling as a Psychotherapeutic Tool
         Pre- and Perinatal Psychology Conferences(1989,1991,1993,1995,1997,1999,2003,2005,
         Transpersonal Psychology Conference (1990 and 1991)
         Sandplay in Switzerland
         Sandplay Therapists of America Conferences (1995,1997,2003)
         Infant and Child Birth Refacilitation with William Emerson, Level One Certificate
         Colorado Play Therapy Conferences (1998, 1999)
         UCLA Online Teaching Certificate Program 
Conferences Presentations and Workshops Conducted
    Numerous yoga and stress management workshops in Colorado and Missouri.
     Unity in Yoga International Conference, Costa Rica, 1989
     Unity in Yoga International One Humdren Years Celebration, Arlington, VA 1990
     Unity in Yoga International Conference, Aspen, CO, 1992
     APPPAH (Assn. for Pre and Perinatal Psychology & Health) Congress,
             Atlanta, GA, 1991; San Francisco, CA, 1997 and 1999.  
     Colorado Midwives Assn. Conference, Colorado Springs, CO., 1997
     Colorado Sandplay Therapy Assn. Member Training, 1997 and 1999
     Colorado Sandplay Therapy Assn. Buddhism and Sandplay Conference, 1998
     Foster Parent Training for Denver Adams, and Arapahoe County Cares, 1998-1999 monthly
     Bridgeway: Classes for teen mothers. Lakewood, CO
Support group for domestic abuse victims: Warren Village
 Chi Sigma Iota Counseling Psychology Conference
    American Mental Health Counselors Association
     American Yoga College (Advisory Board)
     Association for Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health
     Association of Transpersonal Psychology
     Colorado Play Therapy Association
     Colorado Sandplay Therapists Association (former treasurer)
     International Association of Yoga Therapists
     Midwives' Alliance of North America
     Prenatal Health and Fitness Network
     Sandplay Therapists of America
     Unity in Yoga International (former financial administrator)
     World Association for Infant Mental Health
     Yoga Teachers of Colorado (former treasurer and former president)
Degree Committee and Dissertation Services

Dissertation Reader:  Chris Boyd, University of Melborne
   Dissertation Title: "Death and Rebirth in the Cinema; 
                        perinatal and shamanic aspects."

Degree Committee Peer:  Cherionna Menzam, The Union Institute
  Degree Program:  Pre- and Perinatal Psychology

Degree Committee Peer:  Marcy Axness, The Union Institute
  Degree Program:  Pre- and Perinatal Psychology

Degree Committee Peer:  Madison Omholt, The Union Institute
  Degree Program:  Interdisciplinary Studies in "The Between"

Degree Committee Peer:  Bruce Sparling, The Union Institute
   Degree Program:  Jungian Theory and Practice