Higher Education
Degree Earned:  Ph.D
The Union Institute
Cincinnati, OH
Years Attended:  1992-1997
Coursework included Research Design and Methodology, Statistics and Psychometrics, Infant and Child development, Individual Differences, Intelligence and Perception in Utero, Attachment and Bonding in Utero, Preparation for Parenthood, Group Dynamics (with a focus on family systems theory), Biological Bases of Behavior, Neurophsychology, Social Bases of Behavior, Cognitive Bases of Behavior, Genetics, Fetal Development, Testing and Assessment, and Professional and Scientific Ethics.

Special training included in my Ph.D. program included Infant and Child Birth Refacilitation, as taught by William Emerson, Ph.D. and Kalfian Sandplay Therapy.

Portions of my dissertation have been published by the Pre- and Perinatal Psychology Journal.  My research in this area was qualitative in nature and looked at reflection of pre- and perinatal experience in the body language of five-to-nine-year-old children.          

Degree Earned:  MA
Antioch University
Yellow Springs, OH
Years Attended:  1989-1991
This master's degree program focused on counseling psychology with an emphasis in East/West Psychology. Thesis was based on a literature search and direct experience as a therapist  and yoga teacher and practitioner. It was entitled, Mind Made Visible, Psychotherapeutic Applications of Yoga Asana.    

Coursework included Family Process, Psychopathology, Contemplative Psychotherapy, Theories of Personality, Co-Dependency, Child Devopment, Counseling Skills, World Mythology, Holistic Philosophy, Mority Psychotherapy, Yoga Psychology, and Pre and Perinatal Psychology.

Internship in this master's program was completed with Jefferson County Mental Health.
Degree Earned:  BA
Loretto Heights University
Denver, CO
Years attended 1986-1988
Based on previous life experience, I chose to complete my Bachelor's degree with a dual major in Health and Wellness, and Business. The degree was completed in 2 years with a 3.9 GPA.

In addition to the requirements of the dual major, having made the decision to continue on to earn my masters in psychology, the following coursework was included: General Psychology, Psychology of Adulthood, Values in Adult Experience, History of Psychology, and Human Growth and Development.