Jeane M. Rhodes, Ph.D., LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor
Colorado License #3068
"Aware Beginnings" and Continued Adventures in Life

Life continues to evolve. I have now turned over all official duties with APPPAH (Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health).

As our planned international trip has been cancelled and future plans are uncertain because of the coronavirus, Rhodes won't be on the Road Again in the near future. We, like many of you are "sheltering in place." While sheltering, I'm working on reading through my journals from the past 30 years, highlighting passages, and typing them up for possible future use in a new novel. Meanwhile, I have posted an update to the travel blog and will continue to  use that for updates. 

I'm beginning to focus on improving my writing skills. The travel book will be the first new project, to be followed by my next novel. The direction this will take is currently still in contemplation - perhaps a sequel to The Birth of Hope?

Life is unfolding in challenging ways. Remember the two sides of crises are challenge and opportunity.

      Birth: The culmination of the journey that began as a single cell, activitated to build a complete body by the joining of sperm and ovum, and embedded with the template of your unique DNA, which interacts with the environment in the creation of "you." Birth is the transition from that first stage of life as an embodied being into the wider world outside the womb. 

Energy: Birth brings with it breath and expansion of your possibilities as an embodied being. Attention to the flow of energy in your body is a key to your full experience of this life.

Dreams: Mindstuff and its many levels of experience began as dreams in the womb, long before you had words and thought. Nurturning your dreams and appreciating their wisdom brings awareness of other levels of experience to your mental life, and connection with timeless wisdom.

Sandplay: Mind Made Visible. Dreaming Awake. Creating scenes in a small sandtray opens windows to your soul. Spirit plays with the sand, water, and figures to create visible scenes depicting your growth at soul level.  

Spirit: That which encompasses and nourishes all. You are both one with Spirit and an individual manifestation of Spirit. It is your deepest purpose to express and experience life to its fullest. 

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